Fatigue Associated with Multiple Sclerosis

52-74% of MS patients suffer from moderate to severe fatigue depending on type of disease

~50% of these patients require drug treatment

Currently NO approved fatigue drug treatments with a label in MS

Strong scientific hypothesis for involvement of dopaminergic system in MS fatigue

Drugs commonly used off label to treat MS fatigue modulate dopamine transmission

Potential of improving MS treatment related fatigue as well as disease related fatigue

  • Dopamine is a fundamental neurotransmitter regulating mood and motivation
  • Defective corticostriatal dopamine transmission is associated with fatigue in several neurological disorders
  • Reduced synaptic DA following chronically elevated cytokine levels may be mediated, in part, by reduced dopamine levels or function thus making DAT inhibition an ideal MOA
  • Elevated IL-1 and IL-6 levels have been directly correlated to MS fatigue
  • Elevation of synaptic dopamine via DAT inhibition has been shown to be efficacious in animal models of fatigue

Contero is Developing a Ground Breaking Atypical DAT Inhibitor for Fatigue Associated with MS

  • First/best in class atypical DAT inhibitor
  • Non-stimulant profile - Non dopamine releaser
  • Structurally distinct and differentiated from previous  DAT inhibitors
  • Excellent pharmacological selectivity, good brain penetration and physicochemical properties as well as good metabolic stability
  • Reduces fatigue without increasing locomotor activity/releasing dopamine
  • Clean in 7 day non-GLP tox
  • 3 CoM patents, 2 granted in USA, 1 granted in Europe (covers candidate molecule)

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